A few first words

Leadership and growth are consistently popular topics in my conversation with companies about what they want and need to succeed in their business.  These are the two themes I build my business around.  This blog is about those things.

Growth refers to revenue growth, professional growth or personal growth because we live in a world where the line between professional and personal is blurry at best.  To achieve enduring performance in a career, growth has to be a constant.

Leadership is my favoured soap-box theme because of the monster leverage that it can provide when applied generously. When I meet with potential clients or employers and they ask my thoughts on leadership, I prepare them to be underwhelmed if they are looking for a complex train of thought. For me it is pretty simple; people are happier when they have great leadership and they get more done.  This blog is about great leaders, growth strategies and random acts (good and bad) that I observe and read about through my professional journey.



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