Are we ready for the new world of work?

As we wrap up 2016, complete our staff evaluations (if you still do these on an annual basis!) and think about 2017, I challenge you to think about whether you are ready for the new world of work. One where demographics and technology are changing faster than ever. One where physical, biological and digital are blending. One where our professional and personal lives are blurred almost inextricably in some cases.

Growth is a constant challenge for companies and retaining talent is often a stated key priority for leadership teams. But what is your company doing (beyond refurbishing the office) to compete and win in this environment? In early 2016 the World Economic Forum spoke of the 4th industrial revolution. It’s here and it’s big. As you think about your 2017 sales kick-off meetings, your strategy days, your bonding off-sites, I encourage you to inject them with energetic debate and dialogue about what this wave of change means for you and your team, your company and your future. And all the best for the year ahead!

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