Moderating or Speaking

Kylie is an experienced moderator of conversations with business leaders, celebrities, world leaders and disruptors and a passionate speaker on multiple topics.  She can turn a passive room into an engaged audience eager to learn and to walk out with new energy. Interactive and relatable, Kylie helps bring a room to life with her down to earth charm, stories and experiences.

Day rate: $25,000 for a workshop and/or keynote. Travel outside US additional.

Moderating rate for one hour with travel required: $5,000

Moderating rate for home town: $2,000

These Four sample conversations are within her repertoire but she is equally comfortable taking custom opportunities and crafting something special.

Leading in the New World of Work – making the mind switch necessary to successfully lead in the face of dramatic technological and demographic disruption. Using experiences from her career and research from her recent book The Leadership Mind Switch, Kylie leads a thought provoking workshop on accepting and thriving in change. The backdrop is the advent of the fourth industrial revolution but the premise is that now is the time to develop a distinctive leadership style that is effective across generations and styles.

Audience: Directors, VPs, C-Suite leaders, high talent and business school students. Non-profit and community leaders. Rotary, YPO and other global membership groups.

The Business of Networks – building, growing and effectively using networks in business and life. After spending a decade building profitable businesses based on people-based networks, Kylie has deep experience in forming, growing and shaping networks either as a business model or in professional and personal lives. She will argue that with the proliferation of social media tools and increasingly intense competition for customers, every business is now in the business of networks and that building and managing them is a core skill set to develop for every leadership team.

Audience: entrepreneurs, sales leaders, diversity groups, strategists, consultants.

Bold Decisions – making big decisions and bringing others along for the ride. Good strategy is at the core of every great decision yet many struggle to think about the big picture then make the bold decisions about how to paint the landscape along the way. Is the ability to be decisive hard-wired or learned? Is being “strategic” within everyone’s grasp? How do you make no-regret choices in work and life? Kylie has moved around the world, taken risks against the grain and unlocked value for investors, team members and herself at every step. In this talk she touches on why having a personal “true north” matters, building effective partnerships and how to make hard decisions seem easy.

Audience: Corporate and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, students, government leaders.

Alternative and Passion Investments – in the current interest rate environment, wealthy individual and institutions alike are seeking alpha. There are many different options including Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds and so-called “investments of passion” like art, wine, watches and cars. Kylie speaks to her experiences of working in finance for a decade where she met, observed and studied the biggest players in the hedge fund world. She shares her first hand knowledge of private equity funds and how they work from the vantage point of an executive that has been part of the leadership team under three different funds. Finally, she shares her decade of knowledge about the field of “tangible” or passion investing where returns beyond the financial are possible.

Audience: students, family offices, high net worth individuals, professional networks.